Arms Laser Removal

Arms Laser Removal 

I tried laser hair removal under my arms and now I will never have to go back to the razor again. Laser treatment gives you a permanent solution to all skin and hair related problems. When we talk about arm hair by targeting with specific wavelengths of light through laser, we are able to destroy the follicle to prevent regrowth and help to permanently remove unwanted arm hair, guess what my experience was best with The Daily Aesthetics

How does the laser work? 

Laser hair removal involves an intense, pulsating beam of light, that is called aptly means laser beam, which passes through your skin to hit each individual hair follicle. The intense heat from the laser damages the hair follicle, which ultimately prevents future hair from growing. Laser hair removal works on best on dark, coarser [thick] hair on the background of lighter skin. This is how a laser works specifically and targets the pigment in the base of the bulb, which is the follicle base, but it doesn’t destroy the pigment in the surrounding skin. In simple terms, laser works on the targeted areas to give you hairfree skin

Does laser hair removal work on arms? 

Yes, laser hair removal works on arms, like other body parts that include areas like lips, chin, bikini, and underarms which are highly recommended. The laser is safe for any body part, but don’t consult a doctor before any treatment

How many sessions does it take for underarm laser hair removal? 

For underarms treatment, it takes a minimum of 6 sessions depending on the growth of hair sometimes it may take sessions also. Each session each follicle is to be targeted at the right stage of its growth cycle. And simultaneously each session takes 5-10 min for laser zapping themselves

Do I have to wax my arms before laser hair removal? 

No, do not wax it. Instead, shave the area you are going for treatment, 12-14 hours before your appointment. We suggest a clean shave with a sharp razor, as it is time-consuming and we don’t want long hair to be targeted with a laser that sits above the skin, as it may cause burns on those areas

Is Laser safe for me? 

Usually, the laser is safe for any skin type but we suggest consulting your doctor 1st. The majority of patients find laser safe painless and well tolerated, as it has no longterm health risks associated with laser treatments. Minor side effects like redness, little itching, and slight burns are experienced by some people on the day of the 

1st session

SKIN STORY CLINIC - This is one of my patient's review on underarms laser hair removal.

Hi. I’m Priya. I knew it was only a matter of time before I dragged my pits to a professional. The hair under my arms is dark, rough, and wiry, but it also grows back so damn fast that waxing or shaving is the only option I had for years. So, the idea of no longer having hair under there and not shaving in the shower every day was pretty exciting for me. Obviously, I was more than excited to say goodbye to my relationship with the tedious, labor-intensive razor I had been using for years

The first thing I did was contact my dermatologist in Skin Story Clinic, to find out where I should get this kind of procedure done and what it involved. To my surprise, a lady on the call said Dr. Arshi does all laser removal treatments right in her presence in her clinic and told me if I chose to go anywhere else to simply make sure it was done by a licensed and trained professional who knows how to properly operate a laser.  You can get burned and potentially scarred if you go to the wrong person. This clinic is guided by what is right for me

And what about those athome devices that are so popular I asked the doctor? In return, Dr. Arshi Rahul said to beware. As they can be effective, but very slow to work and most users reported that they’ve stopped using them as they’re too timeconsuming and painful. She also warned me not to leap for a discounted or supercheap laser hair removal offer. Many times, when any particular company offers laser hair removal and other treatments at unbelievable prices, they don’t have an experienced professional on staff who can safely perform the procedure, says Dr. Arshi Rahul, a boardcertified dermatologist. Such an offer may give you crazy discounts but can lead to burns, scars, or serious medical issues too

I found it worthwhile not just for the treatment I did but Dr. Arshi made me understand the pros and cons of laser hair removal treatments my overall experience with the skin story clinic was amazing and worth spending for my treatment. So, to be safe, I made an appointment with a professional at the Skin Story clinic right after my call. So, what are you waiting for pick up your phone book your appointment, and get the best arms laser treatment today