Laser Hair Removal for Men 

Question every man gets when stepping out in the morning?

Today looking good is just not a question for females but for males too. To have a good looking or clear skin is not a question of class or interest but its hygienically good to be clean. Treating your unwanted body hair is a constant chore for 90% of men round the world. Guys have to trim, shave, or wax the whole thing off almost every week, but now laser hair removal is an option for men’s too. It gives you longerlasting and more effective results and the best way to get rid of body hair helping you look more kool. When you compare laser with shaving downside like- razor bumps cuts and irritations are part of it, whereas with laser the convenience of smooth skin roundtheclock. Moreover, it’s now possible for men to do full body laser too because as compare to women’s man have more hair on their body

Many men have questions on laser, as to how painful will it be? Or how costly treatment will be? Time is taken for every session and many more questions. When it comes to Dr. Arshi Rahul, Skin Story Clinic its always safe, clean, and advanced technology used in all her centers, so much that many people who have completed at least one hair removal session have reported a good experience. Laser don’t hurt you, its safest way of cleaning your body hair. While everyone’s body type is different and so is the pain threshold is different, and different body parts are more sensitive than others, it’s still considerably less painful than waxing

Are you more curious about Laser Hair Removal?

Before booking an appointment with us, there are a few guidelines and tips you should know about the laser. Here, Dr. Arshi Rahul who is a dermatologist, laser expert, founder, and owner of SKIN STORY CLINIC in Pune City, whose practice offers quick, painless laser hair removal treatments for all skin types and she is among the best skin doctors in the city. Read on to get the lowdown from Dr. Arshi Rahul, on the most important things guys should know about the procedure for laser treatment, as well as how new technology is making it possible to go painfree hair removal

How does Laser Removal exactly work?

It highly depends on which technology is being used and which part of the body is treated, there are some small differences, but the basics of any laser function is all the same. Laser light is attracted to the pigment of the hair follicles, explains Dr. Arshi. Scientifically the darker the hair follicle, the more difference there is between the normal skin and hair follicle, so here more and more energy can be focused to treat that root of the hair follicle and burn it so it stops growing back, this is how the laser works. In simple words laser light passes through the area of your skin you want to treat which will give you slight pain during the session that’s all and your session is done painlessly. Today laser procedure are becoming more and more popular even among men, as having good looks is not a bad choice. Dr. Arshi Rahul, notes that while the most popular places are chest, legs and back, majorly in case of men laser, she gets many questions to form male patients for treating such areas, many male patients also went for full body laser hair removal. She has done laser on 5000+ men and they are satisfied with the treatment taken

How much pain do I really fell?

There are 3 different types of laser wavelengths used for any hair removal, with Alexandrite’s [type of laser] traditionally being the most effective, but also the one most people experience pain that fires 755nm laser light. But with a skin story clinic, that has the latest technology in all its centers for laser hair removal makes your entire session completely safe and painless, so that you can get the most effective treatment without the discomfort and pain. Dr. Arshi Rahul’s clinic uses technology advanced equipment, which she says men, in particular, have benefited from this treatmentFor any men, who have a little bit of lower pain tolerance, and has traditionally had coarser hair [thick hair], getting laser hair removal is a good option, says Dr. Arshi Rahul. But with the laser, you won’t feel anything happening on the skin. Instead, it delivering the energy in these large chunks like done in traditional laser removal, here it breaks the energy down into smaller chunks very rapidly, so pain is not felt. In fact, its FDA- approved to work on all skin types and painfree, whereas previously it worked on people with lighter skin

How long is the entire procedure?

For any procedure, you’ll have to do min 6 sessions, for about six weeks. The reason for taking this many sessions is to stop the hair cycle into the growth phase completely, as successful hair removal happens after to 8 sessions that stops about 90-95% of the hair growth permanently. As all the energy of the laser can be transmitted under the skin and as close to the root as possible to treat the areas

What all types of machines are used for treatments?

In the skin story clinic, Diode laser is used which is most effective for darker terminal hair and less effective on lighter, finer hair. IPL devises to operate longpulsed 755 -nm laser is also, its FDA approved is used for hair removal procedures

On which body parts of man, can laser treatment be done?

There is no such area, which can’t be treated by laser. Laser hair removal can be used on any body part where you have excess hair growth. As the process only targets the roots of the hair, which limits and passes only through dermis [ 2nd layer of our skin]. Places are chest, legs and private parts and back are treated with laser even in men. That is the reason it makes laser more safe, effective, and the best alternative to shaving and waxing, which is painful too, and on top of it once laser done can make you ready for beach time forever

What I should know before doing laser treatment and post-treatment?

Warning Pretreatment: Dr. Arshi Rahul, says sensitive areas can’t be wax, because they need to have the hair follicle there so laser is the safest option to treat, most people don’t feel any redness or irritation after a session. However, Dr. Arshi Rahul recommends you try to avoid saunas [hot steam], very hot showers, and any activity that heats you up (like exercise) for at least a day, later as per doctor’s suggestion. Posttreatment your details will be given to by your doctor depending on the areas treated

This advanced technology has developed in the last 10 years that has changed and improved the entire process of laser hair removal significantly. Today we are among the top 5 skin laser clinics in Pune city. So, if you’ve been wearing of trying it out due to the thought of pain, then this new technology in Skin Story Clinic is just an encouragement for you to get started. For any details on men’s laser hair removal in Pune consult our contact numbers or visit your nearest location.