Medi Facials knew medicated facials that are done on the face. Many types of serums are sprayed, with a combination of pure oxygen while conducting this special treatment.

This facial is strict to be done under the supervision of your dermatologist with proper skin suited products that benefit your skin in the long run. Rest assured, at The Daily Aesthetics Clinic branches you are in safe, professional hands where utmost care is taken for your treatment so you don’t have to worry about any treatment done.

Medicated Facial Treatment in Pune

What is the Procedure?

Medi facias few steps – these facials involve few chemical peels in addition to this laser machines are used in this procedure, as they help in hydrating skin and making its soft. Also, adequate moisturiser is applied that helps in regain the fresh and healthy look and finally, gentle exfoliation with skin lightening serums are used to give you a vibrant look. Such facial takes between 45 to 50 minutes of sessions.

Types of facials we do at The Daily Aesthetics-

Clean up

Suggested once in a month. Best suited for oily and acne-prone skin. Help in the skin with built-up black and whiteheads, dead skin, etc. and look clear.

Hydrating facial

This facial is very effective for mature dry skin, dull skin, dehydrated skin and simply when you need to relax and just to get back your natural fresh beauty.

Illuminating facial

In this facial we offer combined with a peel this works brilliantly for dull skin and skin that needs a fresh glow to wake-up.

Oxy facial and oxy Hair Treatment

It’s a cooling, soothing, healing and nourishing, all in one treatment that is best for all skin types.

Many types of serums are sprayed, with a combination of pure oxygen while conducting this special treatment.

When we do the treatment on the scalp, we use peptides in combination with other actives for hair growth. It’s among our most popular treatment


It is a mix of gentle exfoliation, suction and infusion, leaving the skin squeaky clean and breathing fresh. It’s best suited for slightly oily and dull skin.

Pollogen Facial

This is like a top seller or most asked for treatment. The best facial treatment for any skin.

It’s an excellent combination of radiofrequency, a low-level laser stimulation oxygenating exfoliation with revival, and brightening creams that work magic on your face.

Laser facial

Laser facial has many names like laser toning, laser bleaching.

It is best for pigmented skin, a patchy complexion, skin with uneven skin tone, and dark hair on your face and body.

Benefits of mediated facial

  • Get that gorgeous looking skin,
  • walk with more confidence.
  • Slow down you’re ageing.

Expected result – Before and After

Laser treatments include minor redness, swelling, itching for some time. Treated skin area go red to intense and might last for few days.

Cost of Mediated facial Treatment

The cost mediated facial treatment of treatment is Rs 3000/- to Rs.6000/- .treatment cost varies according to skin type and type of treatment.


The result can be seen instantly and results last about 10-15 days. Any skin facials done need daily personal care that helps your skin nourish and look good.

Hydrating facial, illuminating facial, Oxy facial treatment, hydra facial, collagen facial, Laser facials are among the top in our clinic.

Yes, you can facials are meant to reduce pimples and acne problem. Acne-prone skin needs more care the above facials include a deep cleaning of the skin, nourishing, relaxing, hydrating which is good for your skin.

Yes, you can we can suggest you get your skin consultation from our skin specialist in Pune and start with your treatment.

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