Arm contouring:

One of the largest complaints I hear from patients is expounded to sagging, excess arm skin, and arm fat. Think of all the difficulties that include saggy arms:

  • Your clothes don’t fit well
  • you wish to have bigger size to accommodate your arms
  • Your arms jiggle

Exercise will tone muscle, but it’ll not tighten skin. If you lose a big amount of weight at any age, your arms can look deflated and become saggy. In many cases sudden weight gain or lose gives you stretch mark. Some cases females specially have predispositions to weight in their arms which is genetic. At younger ages, though your skin is also tighter, if you’ve got bigger arms. Regardless of why your arms are saggy, the approach accustomed address the case depends on your skin’s tightness and also the amount of fat present.

If you’ve got tight skin, but extra fat, you’ll only need liposuction. It’s great when this can be an option because results are quick. If you’ve got loose, saggy skin, then arm lift is best for you. it’s a more involved procedure, but it’s the sole thanks to significantly reduce excess, saggy skin in the treatment.

You can retrieve results if you have got extra fat and skin available. therein case, combination liposuction and arm lift work best has helped many of our clients to get desired look. These are just a few of the essential concepts of arm lifts — every patient requires a different and a custom approach. If you wish to treat your shaggy skin call today for consultation.

Arm Contouring Treatment in Pune

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