Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck Treatment

A surgical tummy tuck treatment works by removing excess skin and tightening your stomach muscles to create a sleeker, more contoured appearance. Although it is not possible to remove excess skin without surgery, there are many effective alternatives to a surgical tummy tuck that should give your tummy more definition and firm up loose skin. We offer a non-surgical tummy tuck, which is an advanced body contouring procedure that removes unwanted body fat to give you a new shape with fast recovery.


Any alternatives to a Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck?

To understand all the alternatives for non-surgical tummy tuck, let’s first discuss how a traditional tummy tuck works. Traditionally a tummy tucks is performed by making small incisions in the stomach through which different surgical implements can be inserted. Many surgical methods involve using suction and reconstructive surgery to remove fat cells and restore the look of your stomach.

An alternative to these traditional techniques is Promax Lipo Inch Loss Treatment which utilises a powerful combination of three market-leading technologies for instant can take 3 weeks for results inch loss and dramatic cellulite reduction. We at skinstory clinic use Promax Lipo that is pain free and highly profitable gives fast treatment in less time.

Overall, our patients are amazed by the results of our non-surgical tummy tuck. Many of them mentioned advantages that it takes shorter time for recovery, painless and very quick results when followed doctors’ guidelines.

Our non-surgical tummy tucks have become popular treatment of our clinic in past few years. But, can I go for non-surgical tummy tuck? Most people use these alternatives as the last step of their diet and weight loss plan. Many of patients use these options to get their body back post pregnancy or to breathe new life new look.

Is any of these situations fitting in your needs? To find out if these alternatives to surgical tummy tucks can work for you let’s learn a little more about them

Non Surgical Tummy Tuck Treatment in Pune

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