Thread lift treatment

Thread lift treatment is a replacement and innovative technique of face rejuvenation, which offers the advantage of a non-surgical intervention and so, it only requires a brief period of recuperation. the fabric manufactured from biodegradable threads that have long been employed in surgery. Threads are inserted into the deeper connective tissues during this procedure.

They attach themselves into the subcutaneous tissue, when positioned properly they create a tension into the specified direction. This creates a light stretch of the subcutaneous tissue and therefore the skin, which is firmed up after some days by the natural increase in tissue (fibrosing). Local anaesthesia is used for the treatment and also the threads are absorbed after a specific time reckoning on the fabric. Additional threads may be placed at any time if required.


  • Less stress compared to standard face lifting
  • No visible scars
  • Very quick healing Little treatment time (approx. 15 to 40 minutes)
  • Low risk of pain and inflammation
  • Result is seen instantly after the treatment.

How does the treatment work?

We at The Daily Aesthetics clinic use local anaesthesia on the area to be treated that helps absorbable thread is inserted into the tissue. The number of threads that are to be applied are discussed with you beforehand by your doctors while consultations only. By this non-invasive procedure new tissues are build up round the thread so the skin to get firmer and tighter area we treated.

Certain sorts of threads also can lift the tissue paper to its original position. This treatment is so gentle that it neither leaves wounds nor scars. The threads are absorbed after a specific time counting on the sort of the thread. The results are visible for extended period. Area of application depending on the consultation and also the treatment area, different types of threads and treatment techniques will be used, you will be brief in advance or even if you have any questions you can ask to our team of experts available.

The areas treated are:

Inner arm, Hand, Knee Cheek, Jawline, Neck, Cleavage, Forehead, Eyebrow, Inner thigh, Buttocks and Abdomen.

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Thread Lift Treatment in Pune
Non Surgical Thread Lift Treatment in Pune

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