Skin Whitening is a process that helps to reduce the melanin pigment within the skin to get you a whiter complexion post-treatment. Those with dark complexion have more melanin and therefore the quantity of melanin determines the colour of a person’s skin. Melanin is formed by cells called melanocytes. The melanin quantity of a person’s skin depends upon the genetic build-up. Pigmentation is caused due to exposure to the sun, the degree of damaged skin, and exposure to chemicals products on the skin.

Often people take recourse to skin Whitening methods to solve skin problems like freckles, age spots, scars, moles, acne, birthmarks and also by folks that wish to own fair skin, especially those with a darker tone of the skin. People use whitening or lightening products like bleaching creams, fading creams, chemical peels and laser treatment.

Skin Whitening Treatment in Pune

These products work by dividing the tyrosinase enzyme which is instrumental for melanin production and thereby reducing its amount within the skin. The epidermis layer cells which produces melanin are situated at the epidermal layer of skin. Sometimes the over-production of the melanin pigment may lead to varied hyperpigmentation problems.

How is that the treatment done?

The first step towards a skin whitening procedure is to take an appointment with the best skin specialist or best dermatologist and tell him/her what skin tone you’ve got in your mind. to urge a clearer idea, you can carry an image with you of the person with the specified skin tone that you simply have in mind. After discussing along with your dermatologist, you’ll be able to show him/her the image you exactly want. After consulting with the dermatologist or skin specialist you choose the choice that you just.

Various Treatment Options For Skin Whitening

There are Various treatments option are available that can be useful for brightening your skin. The most common treatments are as follows:

  • Topical Treatments: This Treatment involves the uses of various creams or serum. cream or serum uses with Bleaching agents will give you the appearance of brightening skin tone.
  • De-Tanning Facial: You can try out this treatment at home if you feel your skin need not whiten more. The only disadvantage of that treatment is that they give you result slowly.
  • Chemical Peeling treatment: In this treatment, a Dermatologist or Skin specialist applies a chemical peeling solution on the face to remove all dead skin and other skin impurities.
  • Laser treatment: Laser skin lightening or whitening is a normal laser procedure that uses higher energy of light to get rid of dead skin cells irregular damaged skin, stimulate new skin growth. Less time required, fast safe and helps you look younger and fresh. It’s a complete clinical treatment done under skin experts only

Tips to follow after the skin whitening treatment

post skin whitening treatment we suggest washing the treated area with chemical-free soaps than genteelly dabbing and let it dry. For your full recovery, we advise you to just make use of certain maintenance products like regularly apply burn plant gel or petrolatum to grant a soothing and cooling effect. A layer of scabs and crusts may form on the treated area so it’s advised that you just don’t touch or pick these areas.

Expected treatment result – Before and After

Before and after Image of Skin whitening treatment

Skin whitening treatment cost in Pune

The cost of Skin whitening treatment in Pune varies from Rs.2000 to Rs.10,000. Chemical peeling treatments will cost you Rs 1,500 per session and laser treatment for skin whitening in Pune will cost Rs 4,000 to Rs.10,000.

Cost of skin lightening treatment various factor such as type of treatment, the area of the skin, the quality of the skin. Get Skin whitening cost at The Daily Aesthetics Clinic.

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Can one who is 18+, who has dark patches on skin dead skin laser

Laser treatments include minor redness, swelling, itching for some time. Treated skin area go red to intense and might last for few days.

The time to recover depends on the area of treatment you undergo for skin whitening. If you opt for non-ablative treatment methods then it’s going to take only each day or two to recover.