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Semi Permanent Cosmetics Treatment

“Semi-Permanent Cosmetics: Enhance your natural beauty with lasting, effortless allure.”

Semi-Permanent Cosmetics Treatment in Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi & Baner, Pune

Although it’s still a relatively new beauty trend, semi-permanent makeup in Pune Kalyani Nagar has gained a lot of popularity recently. Nowadays, practically everyone wears permanent or semi-permanent makeup in  / Kalyani Nagar, including Instagram influencers, celebrities (like Helen Mirren), and individuals who are simply too busy to worry about wearing makeup every day.

However, semi-permanent makeup in Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi & Baner might not be entirely evident to those of you who don’t closely follow fashion and beauty trends. The most frequently asked questions concerning semi-permanent makeup are
addressed today.

 Is anyone searching for semi-permanent makeup in Pune? Visit the TDA clinic nearest you we are at Kalyani Nagar Kharadi & Baner.

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What is Semi-Permanent Make up?

Have you ever heard of semi-permanent makeup? If No, then nothing to worry about. Let’s know what it is all about semi-permanent makeup or micro pigmentation. It  is a cosmetic treatment or procedure of tattooing that gives you a long-lasting result in the areas that you want It to be done. It can be eyebrows, lips or beauty spots.

It’s a safe procedure and is done with doctors’ guidance only. The reason behind calling it semi-permanent is that it is artificially created, not from your birth. But even if it’s done artificially, it stays with you for a long time.

How does semi-permanent works?

The procedure involves a pigment implanted into the 1st layer of your epidermis or skin using a medicated needle. It’s a process like doing body art, where we add mineral-based ink, which makes it very clear that the result is not permanent but will stay for extended periods.

Post-treatment of microblading or permanent make-up, we advise you to wait for at least two weeks before applying any make-up on your treatment areas, as avoiding make-up from the epidermis is essential till it gets better to prevent chances of infections. We offer eyebrows, Lip coloring and beauty spot creation at both The Daily Aesthetics Clinic branches in Pune (Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi & Baner City).

Where can I get the Best Semi Permanent Make-Up done in Pune
Nearest Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi & Baner ?

At The Daily Aesthetics, a cutting-edge procedure called semi-permanent makeup, called Microblading or Micropigmentation, employs tattoo ink to augment lips and give eyebrows and eyelids more volume. We are located in Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi & Baner City; walk to the nearest location as you can. We are also near Koregaon Park, Viman Nagar, Kharadi, Yerawada, Hadapsar, Malwadi, and Mundhwa; compare where you may find us.

1. Micro Blading

A face with defined brows always makes you look different and elegant.

 Losing them due to various reasons is common. It can be due to medication, stress or even diet. Sometimes, it is genetic, too. It’s not a problem these days because microblading is one of the fantastic procedures we have come up with. It’s like the permanent makeup we offer you. In this technique, we use microblades and pigment installation that makes your eyebrows look however you desire them to be, whichever colour shade you want them to be.

I have heard from my client, and it’s my personal experience, that eight out of ten females use eyebrow pencils daily to highlight their eyebrows to give them a sharper and more aligned look. It takes time and much practice to ensure you have given the same amount of darkness on both eye bows and the same length, which is problematic.

At The Daily Aesthetics Clinic, microblading gives you the best brows suited for your face. We use the organic pigment technique, which is long-lasting, safe and effective. To make you understand in simple terms, it is as simple as a tattoo, but it has needles. We use microblades to apply ink on your brows, touching only 15t layers of your skin epidermis.

Today, due to technology, various brows are available for you, which you can select as your choice. Apart from microblading, micro pigmentation soft shading, micro shading, powder, etc., are available at The Daily Aesthetics Clinic. Our team will help you look the best and suggest what suits you the most.

It’s a simple procedure which is long-lasting. Once you do, it lasts almost up to 2 years and more. Once you finish the process, you need not worry about the eye’s brows and last-minute touch-ups. As per your choice, the thickness of the brows will be done: thick or mild dark brows with less wide application of pigment on the brow

through microblading.

Come and visit our clinic in any branch or call us for more details. We also do it as per the client’s choice; if you have any shades or shapes you would like to go for, do carry the same image with you and consult with our best skin doctor. We select the best brow shade as per your skin tone that goes with your skin to have the best results when it comes to www.thedailyaesthetics.com

2. Permanent Lip Colour

When we talk about human beings, many skin tones leave their lips less distinguished, making any individual, especially females, apply a dense quantity of makeup on them to form some distinction between their skin and lip shade colour. In this procedure of Micropigmentation, we will solve this downside permanently for you.

Our skin specialists will manipulate the pigments and form a colour that may associate with and match your skin tone, ultimately making you look more gorgeous.

Females who have done this treatment have reviewed that you need to look good while doing makeup, getting ready for some party, or even going down with friends. If proper makeup is required, at least a lip gloss or lipstick makes you look better. They don’t need to carry lipsticks and gloss with them all the time, and absolutely, there is no need for it as it’s the best treatment they have taken, which is long-lasting and a must for any female. It makes you more confident and less worried as it’s always with you.

Doctors at The Daily Aesthetics Clinic are very well-trained. From your consultation until your procedure ends, we ensure it is done correctly, and you get your desired look. They advise you on the best treatment that suits your skin tone.

Micropigmentation permits the lips to be distinguished in their colour; however, it doesn’t modify the fullness or the form of your lips. But by exploiting our technique and providing you with a rather off-border definition, we will produce the illusion of fuller and more vivacious lips. We have other lip treatments that give you volume and make you look fuller and juicy with your choice of colour.

We sometimes do a patch test, where a colour of your choice and your skin tone are matched and seen to see if it makes you look pretty or not the proper shade. You’ll be able to select a distinct colour or get darker afterwards; it depends on your choice. 

This lip colouring procedure is hardly painful; however, we use an anaesthetic to numb the area we treat to ensure you are not in pain. Mild swelling post-treatment is seen due to anaesthesia, which is not at all to worry about. It takes a week to see the result. Your pre and post-treatment effects will be told to you by our doctors.


3. Beauty Spot by laser

What is Beauty Spot?

Well, everybody knows what it is. A beauty mark which is rarely seen on some faces as it’s a god’s creation that is considered as attractive feature. In our medical terms, these marks are called melanocytic nerves. That is precisely a compound variant in an individual.

Every individual is unique & special, but sometimes we feel something is missing in us something that can make us look a little different and a little more special just by making a minor correction or adding a little touch to our face.

Ever heard of Permanent Beauty Spot?

At The Daily Aesthetics Clinic, we have developed a minor beautiful procedure called Beauty Spot by Laser. It’s a cosmetic micro pigmentation procedure in which we create small beauty spot that adds a difference and uniqueness to our face. It’s as good as an artificial tattoo on the face forever.

A beautiful treatment especially designed for you, it’s a quick and painless procedure requiring minimum aftercare. And all you get in return is a face with a beauty spot.

Depending on the place of your choice, we can add a beauty spot. As we know, it is mainly done below or above the lips. Some people prefer it near the chin. It is an individual choice.

The Daily Aesthetics

Meet Our Skin Specialist — Dr. Arshi Rahul

Dr Arshi Rahul and The Daily Aesthetics Clinics have followed strict protocols on skin treatments like Semi-Permanent Cosmetics in Pune (Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi & Baner City) for over ten years. She also does advanced clinical peel treatment, especially for Semi Permanent Cosmetic, which gives you good results. She has treated thousands of clients using technologically advanced treatment. That is why Dr Arshi Rahul is among the best skin specialists in Pune for Semi-Permanent Cosmetics.

Why Choose The Daily Aesthetics clinic for Semi Permanent Cosmetics treatment / Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi & Baner Pune?

Here are some reasons why you should choose us for Semi Permanent Cosmetics treatment in Pune

Highly experienced and passionate Skin Specialist in Pune for Semi Permanent Cosmetics treatment.

  • US-FDA-approved equipment and best treatment protocols
  • Personalised patient care.
  • Ongoing Support and Aftercare

We are at Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi as well as Baner. we are also near Viman Nagar, Koregaon Park, Magarpatta City, Mundhwa, Chandan Nagar, Hadapsar, Keshav Nagar, Wagholi, Hinjawadi , Wakad, Sangvi, Pimple Nilakh, Pashan, Compare where you may find us.

If you are looking for semi-permanent cosmetics treatment in Pune or a skin specialist for acne treatment near me, don’t hesitate to contact us. For more information, call us at +91 96738 58066 / +91 97685 55421 / +91 9158580123 Or walk into the Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi & Baner clinic nearest you.

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