In medical terms known as ‘nevi’. Skin moles are oven shape or round and typically seems like dark spots in varied sizes. These spots have a lot of pigment-producing cells than the other areas. they can grow on any part of the body, as well as the face.

Nowadays, people pay more attention to those moles showing on their skin and think about them as a serious beauty concern. Even though moles harmless, many of us think about them as undesired skin irregularity. The structural changes in skin mole require immediate skin treatment. Hence, mole removal treatment has become quite common. The Daily Aesthetics clinic offers effective laser treatment for mole removal in Pune.

Mole Removal in Pune

Mole Removal Treatment: Depending on however it seems, a mole will either be an adornment [beauty spot] or a blemish on the physical body. However, an unpleasant spot is usually thought- to about to be a punishment for one’s confidence. One mole or a wart causes disturbance for the whole personality.

What Causes Moles?

A mole is developed on the skin once a bunch of cells referred to as melanocytes grow in a cluster and produce pigment or melanin, whereas a present pigment produces skin colour. Pregnancy or direct sun exposure could darken the moles.

Symptoms of Moles

Normally, a typical mole seems in brown colour. However, the colour varies from person to person. perceive the subsequent things with respect to the looks of the skin moles:

  1. Shape: The moles seem oval form to round in shape.
  2. Texture: The moles may be sleek, raised, flat or wrinkled. Some moles have hair grown from them.
  3. Size: The moles are sometimes but half 6 millimetres or (about 1/4 inch].
  4. Texture: The moles may be sleek, flat, wrinkled and raised. you may find hair growth in a mole.

Types of mole

  • Benign Nevi are normal moles that don’t cause skin cancer or they are a sign of melanoma.
  • Congenital Nevi are moles developed post-birth of your child.
  • Dysplastic Nevi are also known as atypical nevi.

Treatment for mole removal

At The Daily Aesthetics Clinic, our Dermatologist does mole removal procedure using CO2 Laser procedures.

Co2 laser is pain-free it doesn’t give you stitches or scar marks post-treatment instead makes your skin smooth and clean. Usually, it takes less than 10 to 15 minutes. Once your skin doctor has completely removed the mole, they place cooling gel on the area as post-session and your session is done.

Expected Treatment Result

laser mole removal treatment at skin story, Pune

Laser treatments include minor redness, swelling, itching for some time. The treated skin area goes red to intense and might last for few days.

Mole Removal Treatment Cost in Pune

The cost of laser mole removal treatment in Pune varies from Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 per session.

The overall cost of mole removal treatment will depend on various factor such as:

  • the number of moles
  • the size of the area being targeted for treatment
  • the number of treatments or sessions Required.

You can request the cost of mole removal treatment at The Daily Aesthetics Clinic.



Immediately post treatment you will notice red marks and slight pain which is just for time being

It’s the safest way to remove mole as it is the small and powerful procedure. Widely used and medically approved.

The laser itself means not painful. It’s just local anaesthesia that is used during the procedure to numb the area.

90 % they don’t grow back after the laser procedure.

A combination of CO2 laser and pigment laser removal laser treatment is among best options but suggestion is given post consultation.

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