Skin Care During Menstrual Cycle

Skin Care During Menstrual Cycle 

As women, our bodies are in a perpetual state of modification. Similar to the phases of the moon, monthly as 

secretion levels and their permutations and mixtures rise and fall, our moods to food decisions and everything in between vary too. One such evident modification happens within the condition of the skin throughout the month. No surprise then, our skincare routines should be adjusted consequently

There are 3 main players steroid hormone, progestin and androgen- whose variable proportions outline your skin’s responses. Each progestin and comparatively higher androgen may end up in enlarged secretion (oily secretion) on your skin and eventually breakouts

When are you most susceptible? 

First, at the organic process, due to progestin. Steroid hormone dominates the primary half the cycle and 

prepares the female internal reproductive organ lining, till progestin takes the baton at organic process

Second, before the period, once each steroid hormone and progestin are at their lowest, whereas androgen peaks. This conjointly ends up in larger pores and dehydrated skin

The good news is, post periods your steroid hormone climbs. It’s the magic potable you would like. It strengthens your bones stimulating the production of scleroprotein and helps the skin retain wetness

Here are some skin care tips to stay in the glow.