Hair Treatments with Diode, Mesotherapy and PRP Treatment 

If you’re looking to grow your hair and prevent hair thinning, we at The Daily Aesthetics Clinic have the best option for you. Laser hair treatments are among the trusted ones. Laser hair regrowth treatment devices are designed with quick and convenient options, which means it won’t disrupt your weekly schedule. It’s painless, as well as you, need not take a break from your daily work life

If a follicle has closed due to any reason, disappeared, scarred, or not generated new hair in years, visit your hair clinic, as new hair wouldn’t be able to grow unless treated with the root cause. But if the follicle is still intact, then, yes, it is possible to regrow the hair with proper treatment to improve the health of the existing thinner hairs

The Daily Aesthetics clinic follows strict guidelines, and uses all technology and advanced machines for all treatments, among which are

Diode laser treatment is Lowlevel laser therapy also referred to as red light therapy and cold laser therapy irradiates photons into scalp tissues, thus photon is absorbed by weak cells to encourage hair growth. It’s globally accepted that the procedure is safer and painfree than hair transplant surgery which is safe and painless

Mesotherapy treatment is a nonsurgical alternative for hair regrowth. Mesotherapy could be a procedure of providing the scalp with a boost of vitamins & improving blood flow for hair regrowth. It treats the bald patches and activates the follicles to indicate positive results for hair regrowth in both men & women giving you the desired results

Plateletrich plasma (PRP) is a treatment that trichology doctors use to accelerate healing in various areas of the body. it should help restore hair growth. Doctors typically use this treatment when hair loss results from androgenetic alopecia, a standard condition that causes hair follicles to shrinkDepending on the hair and scalp condition we suggest the best option for our clients for hair treatment

Benefits of all these 3 Treatments

  • Increases hair strength and density
  • Helps stimulate hair regrowth 

  • Stops further hair loss

  • Painless

  • No Side effects 

  • Can be used in females and males, and for all hair lengths

  • Manageable daily time commitment 

The benefits above are based on clinical studies that may differ from patients to patients and client experience. Individual results may vary. We assure 99% best results. If you would like to learn more about our hair treatments, please visit one of our clinic locations or one of the links below

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We are proud to say we have treated many of our clients and they are happy with the results. With the availability of technology and trust built with patients, we stand in the top 5 best clinics for hair regrowth in Pune. Visit for more details and amazing treatment with us