Best Laser Hair Reduction Treatment 

Are you searching for the Best Laser hair removal treatment? Let us introduce you to the top laser clinics in the city that will make you reach there. Skin Story is a renowned and well established Aesthetic  Clinic in PUNE

Dr. Arshi’s SKIN STORY clinic is well known for its personal touch and care for the patients. Dr. Arshi Rahul is one of the best and most experienced dermatologists in Pune. She is known for her holistic approach toward any skin problem and for diagnosing it with her skills and knowledge over the last 9 years. Dr.Arshi Rahul is the youngest aesthetic physician who established herself with all aesthetic treatments and innovative 

techniques to treat skin and hair which is very unique than the other dermatologists around

She is well known for her skin and hair services which she provides under trained medical therapists and staff membersShe has a welltrained team of AESTHETIC PHYSICIANS with she handling and treats all patients with the 

utmost care and personal attentionLaser hair reduction is one of the commonest and the showing result treatments performed at SKIN  STORYLaser hair reduction nowadays has become the latest trend in the aesthetic world

Laser hair reduction has made skincare a lot simpler than it was. Unwanted facial hair growth due to hormonal disturbances is the most commonly seen skin ailment in 80% of females. Facial hair growth has become a social stigma for females and hence needs to be treated. Skin problems like strawberry legs due to ingrown hair follicles, pigmentation due to hair folliculitis, postwaxing skin rashes, sensitive skin, etc Are treated with Laser hair reduction

LASER HAIR REDUCTION is never a permanent treatment. it reduces the hair follicles to 80% extent and hence leads to reduced hair growth. Laser hair reduction requires in total of 8 to 10 sessions according to the skin type and hair growth

In the last 20 years of aesthetic laser development, laser technology has improved a lot. LASER technology has developed itself very fast and has come up with advanced lasers in today’s ERADr.Arshi Rahul believes in giving the best results with the best laser technology of today’s ERA

Diode Laser technology has proved to work best for finer hair growth and also stubborn hair growth in the practiceSkin Story clinic has the best feedback and Results with the laser hair reduction methods used to treat the patients

SKIN STORY treats patients with a holistic approach and uses the best laser technology to achieve the best results