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5 Tips To Look Flawless On Your Wedding Day

Stressed about wedding plans? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Here are some simple easy tips to
help you enhance your look on the most important day of your life

1. Beauty Sleep

It is vital to sleep well even otherwise, though, on the day before your wedding, it is a must! When we sleep well for at least 8 hours, our body produces growth hormones that help heal a lot of blemishes or marks that might be seen due to waxing and threading prior to the wedding. So, this can help to avoid redness and even out the skin. It also helps with feeling fresh on your big day and not being a lazy head Only caffeine isn’t going to do you any good on your wedding day, thus, getting over several hours of good and comfortable sleep is crucial for both the bride and the groom  It also helps to avoid dark circles and your face looks refreshed. After a good sleep, your face looks always plump and full.

2. Colours According to Setting

Depending on the location of your wedding and the type, you can decide what colours you want to incorporate into the theme and your outfit. For example, a destination wedding set at a beach would be nicer if colours like yellow, golden and blue were infused into the outfits or backgrounds. Alse, your makeup should be light, if the dress is airy and breezy so it does not contrast with the weather. On the other hand, in an indoor wedding, you can wear a heavy lehenga and dark shades as the lighting makes it look elegant The makeup can be matched with the setting too. As per the setting you will blend well and not stand out too much.

3. Let Yourself Outshine Everyone Else

It is your wedding day. Do not let anybody tell you what you should or should not do. If you want to wear a backless dress, go for it. If you don’t wish to wear any jewellery go for it! Make up your mind and go for it because the day is yours so, live the moment.
Do not listen to other people’s opinions, if you feel the outfit is great, wear it. If it is your dream makeup/dress, wear it At times we tend to rely on someone else’s opinion or choice. Read your mind and heart. You will surely look perfectly beautiful on the day.

4. Contrast of Outfit and Accessories

Many times, people overdo their outfits. You should make sure that your dress and accessories do not clash with each other. For example, if you are wearing a minimalist dress or a simple one, you can style it with dainty jewellery or heavy earrings and makeup. But if you are already wearing a heavy dress, it is advisable to have minimal jewelry. This helps to balance out the differences and not make you look too boring or flashy. Try out your dress several weeks before the wedding day. This is the time when you can make changes in your dress if it does not fit you perfectly. Also, ensure that you leave extra space for your tummy, so that you are not too stuffed on your big day, and you can easily move around.

5. Confidence is the Key

What could be the biggest gift other than confidence? The key to feeling flawless on your wedding day is to be pumped up with confidence. Confidence can help you boost your ego and your mindset, which will not let any other interferences affect your thoughts. Regardless of what anybody says, having confidence will help ease any negative points in your mind. Carry yourself well, like you have never before. Remember that the day belongs to you so, enjoy it. Nobody can change anything about your day.

Even if there are any mishaps, such as a small tear in your dress or getting the wrong shade of lipstick, you should still be able to take it with confidence. If you are not bothered, no one else will. The most important factor to being beautiful on your wedding day is to have a healthy mindset. A free mind will not take on any random stressors that will eventually affect your wedding. Usually, when people are stressed, it is evident on their faces. And then it affects people as they do not enjoy their celebration to the fullest.

Make sure to keep your schedules on time and complete all the necessary tasks prior to your wedding. Make sure you eat healthy and stay fit so that you do not fall sick before your wedding. Consume a lot of water and healthy veggies that will help your skin glow. You can try maintaining a journal or a diary to let your thoughts out. A fitness tracker or daily walk check can help boost your confidence too! Forget all the other things that distract you. You only need to focus on the day.
So, eat and sleep well to look refreshing and flawless!!